Rural Crime


May 2018
MP Shannon Stubbs introduces M-167, a Motion in the House of Commons for the study of rising rural crime rates.

The House of Commons unanimously approves the motion, sending a mandate to the Public Safety and National Security Committee to study Rural Crime and report back to the House of Commons on recommendations to address the issue.

June 2018
The Committee begins hearings on rural crime, with the testimony of MP Shannon Stubbs

October 2018
After the summer break, the Committee resumes it study of rural crime, hearing from 14 witnesses, NDP MP Jolibois, and the RCMP.

November 2018
The Committee misses its deadline to report back the House of Commons

December 2018
The Committee considers the draft of a report.

May 2019
MP Shannon Stubbs raises concerns that the Liberal MPs on the Committee are delaying the report, asks the Speaker of the House to review the delay.

In response to the issue raised in the House, Liberals finalize their government report (3 pages). The Conservative MPs report the Study back to the House – condemning the brevity and lack of response from the Liberal government on the issue.

The Speaker rules that the delays by the Committee (which is directed by the Liberal Majority) failed to meet the timeline given by the House.

Conservative Report on Rural Crime

Download PDF here: Dissenting report – Rural Crime – LONG – 2019-05 M-167: Rural Crime in Canada Dissenting Opinion from Conservative Members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security ... Full Article