RCMP Breached the Rules of Parliament – Speaker of the House

Liberals pass the buck on Public Safety, pass ineffective gun Bill and then call for reforms

On Thursday, June 7, the Trudeau Liberals pushed through Bill C-71, the regulatory bill that places new rules and restrictions on law-abiding gun owners and does nothing to tackle actual crime – such as gang violence. Moments after it passed, Liberal MPs were calling the committee to study issues raised by witnesses just minutes after stifling Conservative amendments that would have improved C-71. MP Pam Damoff called the Minister to address the real issues facing illegal weapons getting into the hands of criminals –administrative and process issues resulting in criminals getting firearms licenses, improving regulations on firearm storage by retailers and firearms owners, and making it mandatory for doctors to report any mental health issues to government. Her colleague, MP Julie Dabrusin, called for more statistics and research into gun violence and criminal acquisition of firearms, and called for an end to advertising that “glorifies violence and promotes war”.

“This is the height of negligence by the Liberal MPs who were too afraid to speak up on C-71 after the Prime Minister has already punished MPs who spoke out,” said MP Motz, the Conservative Deputy Shadow Minister for Public Safety. “After refusing to hear from witnesses, demonstrating their own ignorance on firearms throughout the meetings, and refusing to amend the Bill before them, Liberal Members are seeking to cover their backsides for passing a useless, ineffective Bill,” he said. “This just proves that even the Liberals don’t believe C-71 will do anything to stop criminals and just puts more problems on law-abiding hunters and farmers.”

The calls for study reflect a number of witnesses that pointed out the many issues with C-71. After legal experts, professors, and industry noted that the statistical evidence presented by Minister Goodale was deceptive and wrong, Liberals are calling for more research. After evidence showed that criminals who used registered weapons should not have ever received a firearms licence, the Liberals are calling on process reforms. And after mental health issues were raised, Liberals are putting doctors in a difficult position – mandatory reporting mental health disclosures would likely stop Canadians from discussing issues with their doctors. Rather than promote mental health, it would push people away from getting treatment.

“This was a bad Bill from day one,” said MP Motz. “Just like with the small business tax grab, the Liberals are demonizing hardworking Canadians who follow the law and ignore the real problems. This is politics over public safety, and the Liberals should be ashamed of this Bill.”

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