Parliament Shuttered – Democracy Vanishing

For five years, the Trudeau Liberals have repeatedly demonstrated disregard for Canada’s elected assembly and democratic process. Always the smug bully when they feel the heat, like shutting down committees, impeding witness testimony, or interfering in legislated procedures.

Their overreach, however came last week in the middle of a pandemic crisis and a sky-rocking debt load. In a devious move, the Liberals made a deal with the NDP to shutter Parliament until late September, thus avoiding accountability, scrutiny and opposition.

The Liberals have discarded our nation’s democratic processes in favour of a glorified committee with stunted duties and limited powers. Right now, our country is being governed under dictatorial-like leadership and a sham Parliament.

Democracy advocates and Canada’s budget overseer publically stated that Trudeau’s move to suspend parliament undermines parliamentary accountability. The normal scrutiny by those elected to challenge government decisions, including the $250+ billion COVID-19 emergency spending spree, is blocked.

Since March, when the COVID-19 global virus placed Canada, Canadians and our world into a tailspin, Conservative Opposition has loudly proclaimed Parliament debate is essential, especially during a time of crisis. Yet Trudeau ignores this obvious need, preferring instead his daily 30-minute ‘morning show’ from the steps of his home, where select media become his chosen ‘Opposition.’ This, plus irregular virtual and the odd face-to-face of a handful of the 338 MP present in the House for Special COVID Committee meetings, appear enough for him. Apparently, in the view of Trudeau, Parliament is not an essential service. What an arrogant attitude by Canada’s Prime Minister and a slap in the face to all Canadians who value our democracy.

By the time Parliament resumes in the fall, six months will have passed since the national crisis struck. Half a year with no accountability by the holder of the purse strings. Even more disconcerting, since Parliament recessed last summer, followed by the fall election, the House of Commons has only sat for approximately six weeks of the past 15-months. Committees can’t do their work. Legislation is at a standstill. Spending and debt examination remains idle. Why? Canadians deserve answers.

While Canada’s Liberals shirk their responsibilities by hiding from accountability, many foreign governments have continued in-person debates, obviously aware that their countrymen deserve answers to the tough questions.

Those foreign governments recognize their job is an essential service. How novel if the Trudeau Liberals thought so too.