MP Motz Thrilled with Andrew Scheer Victory

Deciding who he would support in the Conservative leadership race was not an easy decision for Medicine Hat – Cardston – Warner MP Glen Motz.

“It weighed heavily on me for probably three months,” said the former police inspector Sunday over the phone from Ottawa.

Motz had narrowed his list down to Erin O’Toole and Andrew Scheer based on the answers they had given in a questionnaire he sent the two.

“Their responses were incredible and I was most impressed with the thought they had put into this (leadership race).”

O’Toole and Scheer’s socially conservative backgrounds resonated with Motz — as did their fiscally responsible platforms. But in the end Motz had to throw his weight behind just one of them, and he chose O’Toole.

“The difference for me was just experience,” said Motz when asked about his main reason for choosing O’Toole over Scheer. “Andrew’s experience is specific to politics only — and that’s not a bad thing — but he didn’t have a lot of outside of politics experience.”

Even though his first choice for the party’s leadership didn’t pan out, Motz is excited to have Scheer steering the Conservatives moving forward.

“He’s young, he’s vibrant, he’s engaged in this movement,” Motz said. “I’m thrilled, I think we have given the conservative movement in Canada a reason for optimism with this particular vote.”

During the byelection here last fall Scheer came down to Medicine Hat to help Motz door knock and campaign. It came on the heels of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to the city, and shortly preceded interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose’s stop here.

“When Andrew came to help I could tell he was a quality, quality man,” says Motz. “Im thrilled he’s our leader and he certainly has my full support.”

Motz believes the outlook for the Conservative party is bright after Scheer’s win and he says their main competition should be worried.

“If I was a Liberal in some of the ridings I’d be a little nervous right now.”