MP Motz Questions the Prime Minister on Partisan Campaigning

MP Glen Motz
Mr. Speaker, we know the Prime Minister visited my riding to star in two partisan pep rallies with his Liberal candidates in the days leading up to the October by-election. We have since learned that two employees of the Privy Council travelled with the Prime Minister and provided “comprehensive audio and visual technical support.” We also know that the Liberal Party refuses to reimburse the full cost of this trip. Can the Prime Minister explain to taxpayers exactly what government business he conducted on these campaign stops?
Right Honorable Justin Trudeau
Mr. Speaker, as has always been the practice, whenever the Prime Minister travels anywhere he needs to be connected to the work that the government is doing, and accessible to be able to respond to different challenges. That is something that has always been the case and will continue to be the case. Being a prime minister is not a part-time job or even a nine-to-five job; it is a responsibility I will accept with great honour every single minute of the day, and we always need to have the tools in order to serve Canadians. That is exactly what has always been done.

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