MP Motz Challenges Government During First QP


Holding true to the campaign promise he made to constituents to confront the federal government on its job-killing policies; Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner Member of Parliament Glen Motz challenged the Liberals on its carbon tax plan during his maiden appearance in the House of Commons today.

Within 39 minutes of his introduction to Parliament by the Hon. Rona Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition, Motz told the House he was elected by people, “who understand that government policies, especially the carbon tax, will destroy economic opportunities and drive up costs for families in his riding.”

Adding, “The Prime Minister needs to acknowledge that any sort of tax on carbon emissions will diminish our competitiveness, hurt our economy and negatively impact many Canadians who are already struggling to make ends meet. When, will the Liberals finally listen to hardworking Canadians and scrap their harmful carbon tax?”

MP Motz declared many times during the recent by-election campaign that strengthening Canada’s economy should be the government’s focus, not implementing a carbon tax that is job killing, and economically detrimental to an already hard hit Alberta, its agricultural, and oil and gas sectors.