MP Glen Motz challenges the Prime Minister on the Misuse of Public Resources

MP Motz:
On Monday, the government House leader tried to defend the Prime Minister’s use of the Privy Council Office to help him on a trip to Alberta for the Medicine Hat—Cardston—Warner by-election. She claimed it was to help prepare the PM for government business, but that is complete nonsense. The trip had only one purpose: for the Prime Minister to appear at Liberal Party campaign events. There was no government business.

Why does the Prime Minister believe it is okay to use public servants to campaign for the Liberal Party?

Hon. Bardish Chagger (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons):
The Prime Minister is prepared in advance of all events and is afforded the same support as previous prime ministers. Irrespective of his schedule or planned events, the Prime Minister must always be in a position to carry out official duties.

As has been the case for previous prime ministers, the Prime Minister is always in contact with his office and is routinely provided with briefing materials during all travel, domestically and internationally, and whether on personal or government business. The Prime Minister is the prime minister after all.

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