MP Glen Motz challenges the Minister of Indigenous and Nothern Affairs on Financial Transparency

MP Motz:
Our previous Conservative government introduced an act which empowered first nation communities by giving them tools that they need to hold their leadership to account.

In my riding, the minister’s blatant disregard of the First Nations Financial Transparency Act has made it nearly impossible for members of the Blood Reserve to access the most basic of information. Community members are in the dark and have no clue if funds are being distributed properly for health care, housing, and other essential needs.

When will the minister stop enabling this lack of transparency and start enforcing the law?

Hon. Carolyn Bennett (Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs):
We take all allegations of fraud very seriously.

Under the previous government, work on the audit for the Kainai Reserve was stopped in July 2015 while the department sought a legal opinion on the jurisdiction of the matter, particularly with own-source revenue in that reserve. It was determined that the department does not have jurisdiction to investigate own-source revenue. As a result, the audit was not completed and there is no report.

In accordance with the department’s usual practice—

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