Motz Meets with Beef Producer Delegations


Member of Parliament Glen Motz, joined delegates of Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and Alberta Beef Producers on Parliament Hill today, in expressing the critical need for the federal government to mitigate the hardship Southeastern Alberta ranchers are experiencing due to Bovine Tuberculosis.
“It is critical that cattle producers affected by bovine TB receive appropriate support from their federal government as they struggle to navigate these uncertain times,” Motz stated. “It is important that ranchers have confidence in the process as well as a timely and responsible way forward.”
The House of Commons Standing Committee on Agricultural heard testimony from area ranchers – both in person and by video conferencing – on the need to expedite the animal testing process, provide accurate information on how they should move forward in their work and business while their animals are under mandatory Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) quarantine and the need for interim government funding to offset costs associated with the quarantine.
With Fall cattle sales critical to ranchers bottom-line, Motz says it is crucial producers receive the help and information they need to ensure their operations can withstand this crisis.
“I am aware that CFIA has established an emergency response team, both in Ottawa and on the ground in Alberta, to the address the bovine TB situation. However, the reality is our ranchers impacted by this crisis are not aware of what initiatives are underway and are not receiving the help or information they need.”
Motz says it will take a concentrated effort by all levels of government, agricultural agencies, producers and veterinarians working and communicating together to fully address the crisis.