Defence Minister Sajjan refuses Atwal Questions

MP Glen Motz Pushes Defence Minister Sajjan on National Security and the Prime Minister’s Disastrous India Trip

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan spoke to the Public Safety and National Security Committee about how changes to national security laws support accountability and transparency. Ironically, he refused to answer any questions on how a convicted terrorist attended an event he was at with the Prime Minister. Have a listen – this audio file contains the questions that the Minister avoided with help from other Liberal MPs. Sadly, only minutes before the meeting, the Liberal-controlled House cancelled the video coverage of the meeting.

Here is a quick summary of the Issues surrounding the different stories and conspiracy theories the Liberals have released about Atwal’s invites to join Liberal Ministers and the Prime Minister at exclusive events in India, even after he attempted to murder an India Cabinet Minister.

Liberals repeatedly tell Canadians there is nothing to worry about with their stories where they contradict themselves.

1) The Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor Daniel Jean tells the press that rogue elements of the Indian government conspired to make Canada look bad.
2) MP Sairi admits he forwarded the invitation from Atwal to the Prime Minister’s Office.
3) The Prime Minister continually says that he trusts the national security advisor and public service – even after he throws Daniel Jean under the bus.
4) Minister Freeland tells India it was an honest mistake.
5) Minister Goodale refuses to explain why the national security advisor can brief the press, but due to national security concerns, can’t provide the same information to Parliament.