CPC Pushes Government for an Illegal Border Crossing Plan

The Public Safety and Immigration House of Commons Committees held a joint meeting into the thousands of illegal border crossers into Canada, particularly in Quebec, Manitoba and BC. Officials from the RCMP, Canadian Border Services, Immigration and Refugee Department appeared before the committees and provided limited information on matters of concern to Canadians. When questioned about the costs and impacts, Immigration officials suggested redeployed staff handling thousands of illegal border crossers has had zero impact on normal immigration processes. This is in contrast to what we are seeing and hearing in our communities where legitimate immigration cases and businesses dependent on temporary foreign workers are facing further extensions to wait times.

Conservative Members of Parliament raised serious concerns that the Liberal government’s lack of leadership is impacting public safety, straining the RCMP, Border Officers, and Immigration officials dealing with this increased workload. It is clear that illegal border crossers are overwhelming an already overburdened system and delaying legal, law-abiding immigration processes. We have pushed for officials to provide details into illegal border crossing, associated tax payer costs, impacts on our front-line RCMP and border officers, along with the government plan to eliminate illegal border crossing and require those seeking to join Canada to follow the legal, legitimate and fair processes.