Conservative Environment Plan Includes Tax Credit for Green Home Improvements

Under a new Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer, Canadian homeowners will be eligible for the new Green Homes Tax Credit to make energy efficient home improvements affordable.

“For so many Canadians, making our homes energy efficient is too expensive. This makes it difficult for Canada to play a meaningful role in the fight against climate change,” said Glen Motz, Member of Parliament for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner. “Under A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment, Andrew Scheer will make it more affordable for Canadians to lower their emissions by making their homes more energy efficient.”

With the Green Homes Tax Credit (GHTC), Canadians will be eligible to receive a 20% refundable credit on their income tax for making green home improvements valued between $1,000 and $20,000. This will allow Canadians to save up to $3,800 on their renovations each year.

Green improvements could include:
• installation of high-quality insulation;
• investment in high-efficiency furnaces;
• replacement of doors and windows with more efficient models;
• upgrading ventilation, heating and cooling systems; and
• installation of solar panels.

“Green home improvements do not just lower emissions; they can save Canadians money on bills through lower energy costs. The Green Home Tax Credit will help families install energy-saving products and technologies so that they can realize savings on their bills in the long-term,” said Motz.

A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment focuses on green technology, not taxes, as the best way to lower emissions at home.
The Green Homes Tax Credit (GHTC) will be a two-year plan to help Canadians adopt green solutions for their homes.


For further information contact:
Vidette Heller, Constituency Executive Assistant
Office of Glen Motz, MP
Phone: 403.528.4698