New Wage Subsidy Program Calculations Released


For the current worker period (called Claim Period 5) for employees who work July 5-Aug 1 or parts of that time, employers will have two options on how to calculate their worker’s subsidy – first, using the original formula of 75% wage subsidy for revenue declines at/ over 30% for the last few months. That formula will be fading out over the next few pay period, and will be replaced by the new formula. That formula provides a base rate (60%) wage subsidy for any organization with a decline of 50% or more over the last three months, and a scaled support of wage subsidy based on your organizations decline in revenues (see information below). The Government of Canada has an online calculator here (

From the Government of Canada website:

Use the calculation that maximizes your subsidy amount
– For claim periods 5 and 6 (July through September), you can use the calculation from period 4 (June to July) – the “safe harbour” rule: if you have a revenue drop of 30% or more, then you qualify for 75% of the eligible employees’ remuneration, up to a maximum of $847/week

For claim periods 5 to 9 (July to November):
– you can use the new calculation, as outlined below, you may also qualify for a top-up:

Note: Claim periods 7 and forward must use the new calculations

How much you can qualify for?
If your revenue drop is 50% or more in period 5 and 6 (July through September), your base rate is the maximum 60%. This means:
– Eligible employees earning $1,129/week or more would get $1,129 x 60% = $677.40/week
– Eligible employees earning less than $1,129/week would get 60% of their remuneration

If your revenue drop in claim period 5 or 6 (July through September) is 0-49%, your base rate is 1.2 times your revenue drop %. This means:
– If you had 20% revenue drop, your base rate is 20% x 1.2 = 24%
– Eligible employees earning $1,129/week or more would get $1,129 x 24% = $270.96/week
– Eligible employees earning less than $1,129/week would get 24% of their remuneration


The federal government finally expanded the list of organizations who are eligible for the wage subsidy, so that a sole proprietorship, partnership, non-profit/charity that meet the criteria are eligible to use the program moving forward. The same conditions apply for how much each organization can claim.


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