Budget 2017: Another year, more Liberal tax hikes

OTTAWA: Canada’s Conservatives remain the only voice for taxpayers, as Budget 2017 confirms the Liberals are indifferent towards regular Canadians, evident by tax hikes to pay for reckless spending—spending that is making no difference in people’s day-to-day lives.

“Once again, Trudeau`s Liberals continue to borrow money and raise taxes on hardworking Canadian families, businesses, and students,” Member of Parliament Glen Motz stated following the budget presentation. “But let’s be very clear – all of this borrowed money has to be paid back by the taxpayer.”

Motz added, “The Liberals have proven that they do not care about regular hardworking people. Their last plan failed to grow the economy, failed to create the jobs it promised, and their infrastructure plan is in shambles. It appears that Budget 2017 is no different.”

The Medicine-Hat-Cardston-Warner MP commented that it is sad, as Liberal programs won’t help the vast majority of Canadian workers and businesses who now face much more intense competition from a low-cost, low-tax United States.
“Canadians deserve solutions to the challenges they face right now, not expensive programs for years down the road,” he said. “But the Conservative Opposition will continue to be the voice of the taxpayer and we will not stay silent while Justin Trudeau nickel-and-dimes Canadians.”


Budget 2017 hikes taxes on:
• Public transit users (1.8 million Canadians);
• Uber and ride sharing;
• Beer and wine
• Donated medicines
• Child care
• Small business owners (farmers, fishers, doctors, lawyers, accountants etc.)
• Oil and gas companies
• Tourism

Justin Trudeau already raised taxes on Canadians by:
• Hiking taxes on gasoline and home heating;
• Increasing taxes on Canadians’ savings accounts;
• Implementing more payroll taxes for businesses; and
• Ending tax breaks for children’s soccer and piano lessons.

Justin Trudeau’s borrowed more than he promised;
• The deficit in 2016-2017 will be $23 Billion
• The deficit in 2017-2018 will be $28.5 Billion

To watch MP Glen Motz’s video reaction to Budget 2017, click here: https://glenmotzmp.com/video-gallery/.