A Government for Positive Change

Medicine Hat News MP Column for August 2019

Parliament’s summer recess is giving me quality time to reconnect with constituents during community events held throughout our vast federal riding. Conversations always begin with pleasantries, but quickly turn to frustration at the governing Liberals lack of understanding of Canada and Canadians. Questions such as, “How can they do this? How can they get this so wrong? How can they get away with this, again?” Exchanges always conclude with, “Come October this has to change.”

Canada’s Conservatives couldn’t agree more. We’ve heard the anger and clear messages – the burden of escalating taxes, national debt, job-killing ‘no-more pipeline’ legislation, federal interference in provincial affairs, embarrassment on the world stage and the Liberals repeatedly exposed unethical behavior, to name just a few.

On October 21, federal Election Day, the egregious Liberal conduct must end. Canada needs a Conservative government that is focused on returning our country to its position as a highly-respected nation – both at home and abroad. Under the leadership of Andrew Scheer, this will be achieved.

Conservatives comprehensive five-point ‘My Vision for Canada’ strategy concentrates on crucial matters of foreign policy/defence, economy/finance, immigration, confederation/intergovernmental relations and environment/climate change. It redirects Canada as a principled force for peace and freedom on the world stage, a disciplined protector of tax dollars, a welcoming land for refugees, a champion for clean Canadian technology and a model of clear roles and responsibilities between levels of government.

Under the Trudeau Liberals four years of poor performance and poorer judgment, the Canada we know has changed, and not for the better. As Albertans we know the crippling hurt this government has levied on our natural resource industry, the life blood of not only our province but the entire country. Come October, a newly elected Conservative government – proud, not critical of our natural resources, will recognize what Alberta means to Canada and get workers back in the field, for this drought has gone on far too long.

Although Canada’s oil and gas sector has taken the greatest economic hit through obtuse Liberal policies, small and medium sized business, corporations, provincial governments and taxpayers in general, have been negatively impacted by the Liberals. They arrogantly believe that they (government) create opportunity, that they are the driver of innovation and human progress. Oh, how wrong they are.

My Conservative colleagues and I know it is people who have the greatest ability to unleash prosperity, to drive our economy, to solve problems we face as a country and to bring us together in unity. Conservatives don’t look for excuses. However, Liberals are masters of excuses, evident by their pipeline crisis, global trading deterioration, trapped exports, and unraveling relations with world and provincial leaders.

Conservatives will be a government of opportunity for all Canadians. One that builds relationships, lives within its means so hard-working people can get ahead, not just get by. We will bring ethics and integrity back to government and confidence in Canada on the world stage. We will represent our constituents and our country with respect.